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Four Critical Decisions:

Successful People Make

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Successful comedian and motivational speaker Kenn Kington will teach you how successful people analyze and take action on the four critical decisions they face when they attempt to achieve suuccess. Succinct, pointed advice and clear, focused tips outline a clear path for the reader who wants to ensure personal growth and development. Learn how to understand the big picture while you learn to focus your decision-making process. Tap into your creative potential and develop you critical through processes in making decisions. We often overlook these four critical decisions in our "hurry-up" society, but they are vital in our quest for success. Understand that sucess is multi-level - incorporating key elements in our personal and professional lives. This quick read offers valuable, actionable that EVERYONE can use immediately!

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Enjoying the 3 Greatest Gifts in Life!


Suppose your heart stops for two hours? Would that be considered a real "wake-up call"? On November 4th of 2016, my heart stopped for over 2 hours and I am still here to talk about it! But that's not the most amazing part of this story. That Fall day was a pivotal point in my life. Unexpected and unwanted, it oddly turned out to be one of the most transformational blessings I could have imagined. Thi is about a life-altering trial and the three special gifts that resulted from it. These gifts are available to everyone right now but will take a reactive or proactive change to open them and fully experience the blessing that they were designed to provide. I experienced the blessing that they were designed to provide. I experienced an unexpected storm that turned my routine world into a journey through the valley of the shadow of death. This expedition was NOT one I would EVER chosen, yet because of the gifts it provided, it transformed my life. Walk with me back through this life-changing path and discover how to live life to the fullest and realize every day is a bonus!

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